Beautiful lawns, gardens and landscapes start with healthy soil.

Purchase a Bundle of groSMART soilCORRECTION Analysis

Visit You’ll be able to purchase bundles of soilCORRECTION analysis kits and create an account for your store.

Sell Kits in Your Store

Your staff sells a kit to a customer over the counter.

Register a Kit

Your staff will visit our website to assign a kit to the customer. They will also ask the customer some simple questions to determine:

  • Growing a Lawn or Garden
  • How many sq feet is their growing area?
  • Growing conventional or organic
  • You’ll also be able to select which manufacturer’s products you’d like to include in your customer’s instructions

Customer Collects their Soil Sample

The customer takes the groSMART soilCORRECTION Analysis Kit home. They take a 6oz soil sample and put it in the designated bag.

Customer mails kit to Lab

The customer simply drops their soil sample into any USPS mail box. Postage is pre-paid to Stewardship Labs.

Customer and L&G Review Results together

Review the results and instructions with your customer. Our results will show what products are needed based on the manufacturer you selected in advance. You’ll be able to tell your customer exactly what products to apply, exactly when to apply them and exactly how much to apply.

Stewardship Labs Analyze the Soil Sample

When the soil sample arrives at Stewardship Labs, it will be analyzed within 24-36 hours. Our system immediately alerts you via email when results are ready.